Aug 5, 2007

Win Fa - Gran Plaza Fast Food Court

Win Fa is one of the first of many Chinese restaurants that have been invading Mérida lately; they have two other locations besides this food court option.

If you are in the mall, Win Fa is a good option; there are real Chinese people in charge out front and in the kitchen and the food, while repetitive after a while (the Critic eats there frequently enough to know) is generally - and consistently - good.

If you should get a chance to peer into the kitchens back doors, there are several restaurants that you will never eat at again! Among the acceptable ones, Burger King, Win Fa and Los Trompos for tacos.

At Win Fa, there are two types of fried rice, with chicken or with shrimp and several hot 'entrees' to choose from. The consistently better tasting are:
  • the grilled chicken or pollo a la plancha, which is just that, chicken seasoned with a light dose of 5-spice powder and salt. The downside is the saltiness which will leave you dying for water about an hour after eating, as well as the inclusion of chicken skin, which is floppy and not too appealing;
  • the pineapple chicken also known as pollo a la piña, chicken chunks breaded and covered with a sweet and sour-y pineapple sauce; this is tasty but try to get it when they are refilling the steam table container from the kitchen as the breaded part loses it's crispiness from sitting in the sauce;
  • Szechuan pork, with lots of vegetables and plenty of spicy kick.

There are other options, including a chow mein with regular pasta noodles that the Critic finds unappealing, spring rolls (one roll counts as an entree) and lately, chinese steamed buns filled with pork or chicken.

A filling two entree platter with rice will run you 45 pesos while just one entree with rice will cost you 38 pesos. Drinks like tea and jamaica are extra.

And remember, you will require hydration later.

For a fast food place, this one gets 4 out of 5.


Carlos Rosado said...

That Win Fa in the mall is horrible. The one downtown is great... I dont think one has anything to do with the other... they are just to different

William Lawson said...

Hmm I haven't been to the one in downtown in a while - doi you mean the one on 47 between 58 and 60? I know they have a couple of places, including the one next to 100% Natural across the side street from Sam's Club.

Anonymous said...

dont ever eat at los trompos , i did and got the worst ever food poisoning case (gran plaza location)

William Lawson said...

Well that hasn´t happened to me yet, and I have eaten there many many times. Maybe it was your unlucky day...