Mar 5, 2009

El Principe Tutul Xiu - Mani, Yucatan

The other day the Critic had lunch at the Principe Tutul Xiu restaurant in Mani, previously reviewed favorably on several occasions and one of the Critics' favorites.

While the food on this occasion was very good, especially the Poc Chuc, there were a few details that hinted at a bit of complacency on the part of the Xius.

For example, when you arrive, no one greets you and should you ask, the girl behind the counter at the cash area will simply say 'sit wherever you want'. Not particularly welcoming. The tortillas, object of endless raves by this reviewer, are brought to your table in a basket uncovered and by the time you get to the last one, they are cold. If they want to keep their reputation, what with all the competition out there in the restaurant world, they are going to have to stay on their toes.

Other than that, the food is quite good. Service is just average. Prices? Cheap. There were four people in the Critic's party, four dishes were ordered and a pitcher of fresh squeezed OJ. The bill was $370 (pesos) before tip. At todays exchange rate, that's just over 20 USD for 4 people. Quite reasonable, no?

After stuffing yourself, you can then stroll over to the monastery and check out the renovations going on that will leave the building quite spectacular.

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