Oct 8, 2009

From Luby's to Pappas Steakhouse, Houston, TX, USA

The Critic went from popular Texas favorite Luby's to Pappas Steakhouse in one day, driving around in Houston.

First, lunch at Luby's. The Critic had always heard of Luby's but never actually been. Thinking it was one giant all-you-can-eat buffet featuring deep fried southern food, the Critic was surprised to find all kinds of real food, healthy and attractive and definitely not all-you-can-eat! The grilled salmon was excellent as were the accompanying veggies and the Better Halfs' salad was fine. The Critic will re-visit Luby's, definitely!

Later that day, in a fit of steak craving, the Critic and the always acquiescent Better Half visited Pappas' Steakhouse on Westheimer near the Galleria area. Having been there before, they knew what to expect and boy, was it good!

The Critic had a daily special for an appetizer; a delectable partially de-boned quail while the Better Half had the soup of the day, leek and potato. As a main course, a perfectly grilled Rib Eye and a special Texan Venison steak with a Huckleberry sauce and sauteed chanterelle mushrooms. Perfect! There was barely room for a dessert but the Gooey Pecan Pie had to be tried. As a friend in Vancouver would say: to die for.


Susan said...

Being a Houstonian, I’ve tried plenty of the Pappas restaurants (Yia Yia Mary’s, Pappasito’s, Little Pappasito’s, Pappas Seafood, Pappas BBQ, Pappadeaux, Pappas Burger, and the Pappas connected cafeteria, Luby’s). One thing is for sure, the Pappas family has restaurateuring down to a delicious science. After reading your review, I know where I’ll be tomorrow evening! Not really for the steak. Houston has so many outstanding steakhouses, but I’ve gotta have a Texas-sized slice of that Gooey Pecan Pie. Excuse me, while I go and get a Kleenex to wipe the drool!

William Lawson said...

Thanks for stopping by Susan! I envy for being able to pick up and go to Pappas any time you want!

Also tried Yia Yia, the Greek Pappas restaurant and enjoyed it a lot on a previous trip!

Jonna said...

All we've done is drive through Texas - endlessly - to get to the border but as far as I've seen Luby's is the sum total of good things about Texas. Sorry, my California bias is showing but jeez, that state is a long, long, lot of nothing. Luby's though, they have some chicken fried steak and pecan pie that makes me sometimes think the drive was worth it.

William Lawson said...

Jonna! Nice to see you alive and well! You are leaving out, as far as Texas goes, those little towns and gas pump places peopled with interesting characters you thought (or I did) only existed in movies. And the BarBQ joints!! If I found one new kind of ribs, brisket and sauce every 100 miles or so, I'd be one happy driver!