Oct 4, 2009

Last is First* - Uptown Sushi, Houston

In the Galleria area, where so many Yucatecans love to come and shop, the Critic found this great sushi restaurant in an upscale outdoor shopping center just off the 610 which is much like what City Center strives to become in Merida. Alas, it's probably not to be, but that is the subject of another post, at another time.

Let's call this shopping center Uptown Center for lack of a better name - it might actually be it's name, actually. There's all kinds of upscale boutique and eatery action going on: from Crave, the extremely fashionable cupcake bakery to the Potbelly Sandwich Works restaurant. And Uptown Sushi, the subject of this review.

The place itself evokes a Jayne Mansfield vibe, as the Critics' Better Half pointed out. Discreet lighting, comfortable booths, draped lamps and wall treatments are everywhere in creamy white and salmon colors. The music is 70's and the wait staff is Japanese, while the sushi chef is, of course (this is Houston) a Latino. The Critic and his BH sat at the sushi bar, which is set up in such a way that one can't really see what the chef is doing, which is unfortunate in the Critic's sometimes humble opinion.

Two rolls were ordered, along with an absolutely amazing Key Lime Pie martini. You have to order this delicious and refreshing martini should you find yourself here! The rolls were house specialties: the Lickety Split roll and the Don's Roll. Exceptional and imaginative, the flavors appeared on the tongue like actors on stage, one after the other, perfectly choreographed. If that sounds pretentious, it probably is, but if you slowly savor each piece of these creations, you will understand where the Critic is coming from!

Then the Better Half ordered some specialty sushi, which is in the next photo - at the front is sushi with smoked salmon, strips of mango, topped with masago which has been prepared with wasabi. In the back, scallops with avocado and the wasabi masago.

Fantastic sushi!

Highly recommended should you be in the area and are looking for great sushi. And not as expensive as the Critic had feared: the bill, with the martini and a couple of hot teas, came to $60 USD.


*last is first refers to the fact that this restaurant was one of the last restaurants on this trip, but since the Critic has camera issues at the moment, the photos available were these ones.


mexicano said...

You socialists sure eat well.

William Lawson said...

Like Carls Jr says, "Ya gotta eat". It might as well be good!

mexicano said...

Sorry, my first post contained a slight typographical error. It should have read -

You socialists sure are hypocrites.

William Lawson said...

Socialists. Hypocrites.


Looks like someone woke up with their panties in a bunch!

mexicano said...

My panties have never been more unbunched. I´m just a bit bored of people like you preaching the merits of wealth redistribution while indulging yourself at the same time. Nothing unusual in such behaviour, of course - it´s par for the course where socialists are concerned. I don´t think such hypocrisy should go unchallenged, that´s all.

William Lawson said...

Please, do enlighten me as I have no idea where this is coming from...

mexicano said...

It´s all part of the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy, Mexican blog section with special responsibility for restaurant critics. I´m financed by Fox-Bush-Chimp-Hitler-Haliburton Inc. Watch out - we´re watching you!

PS. Seriously, which part of my last post didn´t you understand?

William Lawson said...

Got it now. Thanks.

mexicano said...

Glad to be of help.