Oct 4, 2009

Test Post w/ New App

While on this latest foray into the wilds of the United States gastronomical landscape, the Critics' biggest frustration was not being able to share his findings, ridiculous as they may be, with his loyal readers.

Fussy and inconsistent (or outrageously overcharged) hotel WiFi, a practically nonexistent public option (much like health care) and a finicky browser running Safari on a tiny iPhone screen with no photo upload capability made posting difficult if not impossible.

Until now, when the Critic finds himself back in Mérida with new 'app' to play with. If this works, there will be more updates from the road as the Critic travels here and there.

UPDATE: blog posted edited 'cuz it was ugly.


Jonna said...

Nice looking room there dude!

I'm interested in this app too. I found that I could either post a pic or words on my blog from my iPhone but never both.

Does it work with WordPress?

William Lawson said...

Yeah, it works. I will have to tweak posts some, but it uploads fotos along with the text, so that's a good thing! Nice to hear from you!