Oct 8, 2009

What Merida Restaurant Would You Like To See Here?

In between all these Houston restaurants, what Merida restaurant would you like to see reviewed here, to keep things local and focused?

The Critic would love to hear your suggestions!


mcm said...

OK -- here's one: La Casa de Itzimna (or some such name) -- the big pink casona on a corner of the plaza in Itzimna) -- I'm curious, because it's been through at least three permutations since we moved here (La Vie en Rose, was one). Currently, the American (estadounidense, for the pc group) owner is at war with INAH, supported by a large cast of fed up Yucatecan architects and other business people.
So, I'd like to know what the restaurant is like! Big sign says it's open for breakfast...and I assume at other times.

Is it possible that this time the place will be a winner? It seems cursed to me.

Jorgito said...

Have you reviewed Wayan'e? Those tortas sure look appetizing right now when i'm so hungry i could eat a cow :)

William Lawson said...

I have NOT reviewed Wayan'e! And that's probably a crime given that this is a Merida institution! If you are in the mood for a cow, I suggest La Recova or La Rueda!


Anonymous said...

How about Namaste? The new "Indian" restaurant?

I went once. Other friends have gone twice. N one is rushing back? What say you???

Anonymous said...

Stop! Don't go to the Indian restaurant "Namaste", because they aren't there anymore!

They are re-opening under the name "New York New York"! Have no idea what type food they will now try to serve, but whatever it is, I'm sure it'll be better than the Indian food which was a mega disaster. To the person, everyone I knew who ate there said it was borderline terrible. One person found it interestingly tolerable.

Let's hope NY NY is better. I'd really like to see them make it!

Anonymous said...

casa itzima a desaster bad food bad service and willaim stage the owner arenot honest att all, wasing money.

Anonymous said...

The Casa Itzimna was rented and the original owners din't create a disaster. It was very sucsessful. And He wasn't laundering Money.
SO, Anonymouse, You know Nothing of what you Spew.
all you have is JUST a BIG mouth

Anonymous said...

Hey anonymouse" why Not give your name so I can get the correct authorities to discuss this matter
Washing money"
IN the states you'd be paying the rest of your life for Lible