Dec 1, 2009

Crunchy, Crappy, Crisps

As we all know, crisps are potato chips in the land of Ali G. In Merida, they are 'papitas'.

This brand, 'Caseras by industry giant Sabritas, are crunchy but unfortunately devoid of any flavor and salt and only have a hint of 'picante' and vinegar-y aftertaste. Horrid. Do not buy.


There was a photo of the bag of chips in its' clear polyprop plasticicity, but somewhere during the upload, it desintegrated. Sorry 'bout that.

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Susan said...

Please let me know if you ever come across a restaurant that serves thin, crispy tortilla chips. I can’t stand the ones that are the norm in the Yucatan. They’re devoid of any flavor, so thick and grease soaked with a somewhat chewy texture instead of being crispy and delicate. Think of the tortilla chips at Pappasito’s in the Houston airport – that’s what I’m seeking. Any chance of finding something similar in or around Merida?