Feb 22, 2010

New Blog for NotTheNews/ElMaloso and Casual Restaurant Critic

Here's a link to the new home of NotTheNews AND the Casual Restaurant Critic, which will be under one roof:

All you have to do is click on the Casual Restaurant Critic category or headline and all posts by the Casual Restaurant Critic will be displayed, including the ones in this blog, which have been moved there.


Feb 18, 2010

Rosa y Xocolate - Breakfast after Valentines Day

The Critic and his lovely Better Half enjoyed a very civilized breakfast at Rosa y Xocolate, on Paseo de Montejo (it's pink and you can not miss it).

In a beautifully restored building, right on Merida's finest avenue, unfortunately littered with the debris and haphazard beer huts and chain link fences that characterize the Carnaval, is a pretty little restaurant with pink and brown everywhere. Water and plants in an inner courtyard that opens up to the sky makes for a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle outside.

The Critic had huevos a la mexicana which were just fine and the Better Half had a toasted bagel with smoked salmon along with great coffee, excellent pastries and homemade bread and berry jam.

Service was very good, almost excellent except for quibbling details like not taking away a dirty ashtray, leaving the menus on the table once orders were taken, that sort of thing. Nothing serious and the waiter more than made up for it by being so polite and attentive.

The place is beautiful and there will be a return visit to sample the very interesting-looking lunch and/or dinner menus!

Feb 11, 2010

San Marino Seafood Restaurant - Progreso, Yucatan

February, 2010 - The Casual Restaurant Critic doesn't get much opportunity to visit the restaurants out in Progreso, so when the folks from Arkansas wanted some fresh fish and cold beer, the Critic went along for the ride. Parking the car in front of the San Marino restaurant on Progreso's malecon or boardless boardwalk, the idea was to walk to Buddy's since that place has numerous decent reviews on other boards, particularly the Cruise Critic board, but the Arkansas folks were happy with the palapas on the beach at San Marino and so it was decided to have lunch there.

Yucatecan beach seafood is pretty well all the same, the same botanas served with your beer or drink, the same fried and grilled fish options; the Arkansasians (?) decided on a grilled 2 pound grouper that the waiter Eric, brought to the table uncooked to have a look at. Well seasoned and delicious it was a perfect meal for almost 3 people and the Critic managed to get in a few bites.

Tortillas were corn and of the machine-made not-very-good variety, but the service by friendly Eric who spoke English and was working on his French, made the meal that much better.

Afterwards, leftovers and bits of tortilla were fed to the seagulls which was a fun activity and probably the best thing that could be done with those tortillas other than use them as coasters.